Podcast UGC – Episode 160: Crafting Update! … Again


This week, the bomb is dropped that a whole new crafting update is returning to Star Trek Online … while in the real world, a real Enterprise is being designed, and Hav and Rikturscale review an epically long Foundry mission. In the AfterSTO, they talk about the aftermath of E3 and Hav weighs in on whether or not he thinks 13 episodes per television season is better than 23. Give it a listen!

  • Season 9.5 update will focus on crafting.


  • completely reworked every element of crafting in the game.
  • multiple schools for captains to level up in
  • a new user interface for both Crafting AND Duty Officers
  • new abilities for crafted gear that are not found in dropped loot.
  • facelift to duty officer user interface.
  • detailed dev blogs on each aspect of the new system over the coming week
  • Season 9.5 will be on Tribble soon
  • Going live in late July.



  • Star Trek in the REAL WORLD!
  • The “Real” Starship Enterprise!?!



  • Star Trek Automatic Doors!
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhrLetrTSYA

Foundry Review — State of the Union by contactpsi



From Kotaku:

Nintendo: 10

Sony: 8

Microsoft: 7

Ubisoft: 7

EA: 5

E3 Overall: 8

Who “Won”: Nintendo

Why Isn’t Netflix (Or HBO or Hulu or Showtime or Amazon or Starz) Making A New STAR TREK Series??

Hav weighs in on whether 13 episode seasons help his currently television obsession Queer as Folk.