Lost and Foundry

Some missions are fantastic, but don’t get the credit they deserve. For great missions, there’s The Nagus List. For great missions you may have never heard of (or don’t have many plays and you ought to play them and share them with friends), there’s Podcast UGC’s Lost and Foundry.


No Prize for Second Contact

No Prize for Second Contact

By contactpsi


When a first contact mission is threatened by inter-galactic conflict, you are called upon by Starfleet Command to take over the mission and investigate. Intelligence reports indicate that the Tal Shiar have been interested in the Heservat, a soon to be warp-capable species.

As one of Starfleet’s most capable and accomplished Captains, you must use your keen diplomatic mind and decisive tactics to secure a peaceful and prosperous place for the Heservat among the stars.

Klingon Defense Force

Assimilating Grethor

Assimilating Gre’thor

By Pinecone3

The Borg have succeeded in assimilating Undine. But now they want even more. In their endless quest for perfection that can never be achieved, the Borg have set their eyes upon the Fek’ihri. While many of the demons already lie slain, the Borg attempt to find a way into Gre’thor itself. And you must follow, lest the entire quadrant fall to the Borg who will be able to not only destroy bodies, but souls as well…