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Listen to Podcast UGC Live! Right here, every Tuesday evening 10:00pm Eastern Daylight Time, 9:00pm Central Daylight Time, 7:00pm Pacific Daylight Time, 3:00am British Summer Time, 1:00pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time.

Watch live video from podcastugc on

3 comments on “Listen Live!

    • I finally found podcast UGC on the app but it shows ep109. I also can’t get access to it as it says something about is overloaded

      • Some episodes will be mislabeled. Episode 109 might be episode 110 or even 120, depending on if I remembered to edit it.

        If you’re here at the live time, you need to press “play” on the player on this page to hear it. If you’re on the site, you should just be able to press play and here it there. Or hunt down “videos” on it.

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