Lead host, admin, and well-known Foundry author. When not doing those things he’s producing art, writing original stories, video gaming, or demonstrating his black belt in the art of trolling.¬† Hav is responsible for one of the earliest published missions to the Holodeck server in Star Trek Online, “To Helna and Back”, and is therefor the creator of Foundry starlette Ensign Helna. He introduces the show, attempts to wrangle the flow from one show topic to another, puts together the cables, streams the show to, edits, and publishes the final version. His hatred for political correctness, love of liberty, and conservative politics is a focal point of countless arguments revolving around Star Trek both in the game and on the show in general. He is proudly blocked by Will Wheaton on Twitter, and he has trademarked the term Havrage. What a rebel.



Connoisseur¬†of comics, roleplaying, and all around geekdom in general, Rik is a long time listener of multiple podcasts including Podcast UGC, and wrote into the mailbag often before becoming the full time cohost on the show. Rikturscale’s primary power is his ability to see both sides of an argument and understand it, even when one side is completely batshit. On top of that, he’s head honcho of the Justice Nerds, a movie starlet in the hit film Robocop 3, use to tell people he was named Shazaad after the comic book hero Shazaam and his father whose name is Dad, all the while not being able to whistle. Which kind of makes him a savant. Like Rain Man. He’s currently working on a Foundry mission about aliens who have modeled their society after 70’s sexploitation porno flicks. Considering none of this paragraph has been a lie, you know it only goes downhill from here.