Podcast UGC – Episode 184: So We Played STO

After spending way too much time playing with ourselves (our microphones, you sick freaks), we finally got down to business and recorded an epically long podcast. What’s in it? Hav’s wants, Hav’s dreams, Hav’s desires. … well actually no, just Hav’s dreams. Wait. Where are you going? Come back!

Rik and Hav argue over what a psychopath is, and whether a sociopath is the same thing. We also talk about the trouble with making video productions, and how blizzards are way more dangerous in the south than they are the north. Also, yes, we played STO. We played a lot of STO. So just give it a listen!

Show Notes
– Mic Problems
– Hav’s Dreams
– Blizzards
– Hav Gets from Level 52 to 54 … Finally
– Hav Reviews Kobali Prime as a Thing
– Hav Reviews the new C-Store Ship Bundle
– Hav and Rik Discuss What’s Wrong with the Foundry Patrols

AFTERSTO – Starts @ 1:25:00
– Star Wars, and What Order to Watch It
– Mars One, and Why That’s Some Bullshit
– Ceres, What the Hell is Ceres, Why Does Hav Care About Ceres?
– Hav Reviews The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D
– Hav Discusses the Similarities Between Star Wars Chronology and Metroid Chronology
– Hav Tells You What Order You Should Play the Metroid Games
– Rik is Enamored With a New Spin on Really, Really Old 3D Tech
– There’s a new Alien movie in the works, and it’s being directed by … Neill Blomkamp?

Podcast UGC – Episode 183: I’d Rather Be Exercising

This week, Rikturscale’s mic is unusually broken, we split up to improve audio quality, we reveal the whereabouts of the video portion of last week’s show, Hav’s strange new addiction, the new ships that are coming to STO, some crazy crazy item crafting costs, and in the AfterSTO? Netflix is planning a live action Zelda series, and Nintendo is planning on giving youtubers a teeny tiny little bit of the profit of their own work.

The AfterSTO Begins @ 00:42:45!

Give it a listen!

Podcast UGC – Episode 182: Hanging Out Is Hard To Do

This week’s hour long show was actually several hours long as we spent an exorbitant amount of time trying to figure out how to use Google+ Hangouts to not only return to a live experience, but to possibly provide video for our audience. Our results were … mixed, but our video exists! Just give us time to edit it and … stuff. A new executive producer graces Star Trek Online, Hav’s new mantra is “One or None!”, Rik loves Wick, and Hav wrestles his inner demons … of fattyness. This week, on Podcast UGC!