Podcast UGC – Episode 181: The Moral Wishy-Washy Ground

This week’s middle-of-the-night podcast was recorded because we love everyone who loves to hate us hating each other. Don’t think about it. You’re welcome.

This week, we explore all the new cool stuff that is coming to Star Trek Online, like we always do, with Rikturscale actually knowing what all those cool new things are, like he always does, and me, not knowing what those things are, like I never do. … don’t think about that either.

In the AfterSTO, Hav celebrates the digital re-release of one of his favorite games of all time: Metroid Prime Trilogy, which culminates in our weekly console war between Nintendo and Microsoft. Additionally, the cast of the Ghostbusters reboot has been revealed … and they’re all women. This results in Hav expressing his concern about a gender-swap Ghostbusters remake containing a political, feminist agenda. Rikturscale promptly calls Hav an idiot. Then we tackle the controversy surrounding the nationwide hit film American Sniper. Hav doesn’t understand what’s going on in the broken minds of the film’s detractors. Rikturscale, unsurprisingly at this point, defends them, because he’s an agent of Satan and a grand wizard of the Illuminati. This all culminates in the highlight of the AfterSTO – our debate on whether morality is a relative, subjective opinion … or, whether morality can be quantified and therefor deduced with science and reason. Take that, Tested Podcast!

Not that we actually tested anything. Or that Tested even knows who we are. … or that I even know what Tested is. Where am I again?


The AfterSTO Begins @ 00:53:32!