Podcast UGC – Episode 169: Giving Birth to Sporks

This week we talk about the art of Neelix, the art of the new Tier 6 ships, and a WHOLE bunch of stuff that’s not that important. In the AfterSTO, we explore what in god’s name Notch is doing with Minecraft, and whether or not the Oculus Rift is really dead in the water. Give it a listen!




  • Oct 14


  • Neelix Returns


  • it’s been 32 years since Voyager left the Delta Quadrant. In that time, Neelix has settled into family life, but he’s also become a statesman and a leader. Taking the lessons he learned on Voyager, Neelix is now the head of the group of Talaxians he found in “Homestead.” He’s sent out ships and made new trading contacts, found other Talaxians, and turned a group struggling for survival into a thriving community.
  • Designing the Voyager MSD

    • Tim ‘Suricata’ Davies
  • Art of Intelligence Ships

  • Our goals were as follows:

    • Visual language – define a unique aesthetic language to visually communicate the theme of Intelligence
    • Cohesion – TO APPLY this uniform visual language to all Intelligence ships regardless of role, size or faction
    • Fusion – to achieve a blending of originality and familiarity; to take a familiar starting point for each ship and APPLY our Intelligence language to create a merger of something unique and familiar

    Visual Language

    Our first challenge was to define our unique and cohesive Intelligence visual language. A detailed assessment of the Intelligence theme and powers design gave us a list of very specific properties we wanted to communicate:

    • Stealthy
    • Agile / maneuverable
    • Aggressive
    • Compact
    • Ability to gather intelligence
    • Ability to expose and exploit weakness

    Podcast UGC – Episode 168: Let Me Debuffbuff Your EE-EM-PEE-PEE

    This episode, we explain what happened to us last week, talk about the wonders (and potential conspiracies) of modern medical technology, tackle the reveal of the Tier 6 Intelligence Ships, Detail the new Intelligence Bridge Officers and their HILARIOUS powers, explore precisely what’s missing from the Delta Rising pack, argue over which one of us is Batman, and give our impressions on the newly announced Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+. Give it a listen!


    • Bridge Officer Specialization: Intelligence

    • Ground:


    • Feign Disintegration
      • Convince the enemy of your untimely demise by simulating the effects of a being vaporized by incoming fire, similar to the technique employed by Section 31 operative Luther Sloan (DS9 7×16). Masked by this ruse, you will gain an impenetrable short-duration Stealth, increased speed, and an Ambush bonus.
    • Frictionless Particle Grenade
      • Lob an explosive that will cover the area in an extremely slippery substance. Enemies hit by the substance will have their damage resistance debuffed, and any foes entering the area have a periodic chance to be knocked prone.
    • Harmless
      • The targeted foe is no longer able to target you for a decent duration. While in effect, the user also generates no threat toward the foe (if an NPC).
    • Incite Chaos
      • By scrambling the target’s neurological inputs, you can force them to fire upon their allies. Any allies they strike will subsequently become confused, thus spreading the chaos.
    • Neurolytic Hypo Injection
      • This volatile chemical compound must be injected from melee range, and will completely incapacitate any foe for a short duration. When they emerge from their stupor they will remain confused for some time after. These effects are enhanced if applied from a Flanking position.
    • Photonic Decoy
      • Spawn a duplicate in a flanking position near your foe. Nearby NPCs will be taunted into attacking this new target.
    • Resonant Tachyon Stream
      • A tachyon carrier beam allows the shield capacity of the targeted enemy to be stolen and applied to your own defenses.
    • Site-to-Site Ensnare
      • Fire a long-distance tagger that will then initiate a site-to-site transport, bringing your foe to your location. Because of the sudden unexpected transport, they will be disoriented for a very short duration, but damaging them may break this effect.
    • Sonic Suppression Field
      • You are able to muffle the sounds generated by your actions, causing you to appear less threatening to nearby combatants to the point that they may ignore you entirely. While active, you will also deal additional damage to enemies you are Flanking.
    • Subspace Anesthizine Mine
      • Deploy a stealth mine near your current location, nearly imperceptible to foes. If triggered, it will release a cloud of anesthizine gas, slowing and reducing the damage output of any nearby foes. Those unfortunate enough to be caught in the cloud also have a chance of being thrown into a coughing fit, unable to act or move.
    • Tripwire Drone
      • A small drone is deployed toward the targeted foe’s location, whipping out with energy tendrils in all directions as it moves. These have a chance to trip and ensnare any foes they encounter. Upon reaching its destination, or maximum distance, the drone will explode and deal additional kinetic damage.



    • Space:


    • Electromagnetic Pulse Probe
      • This slow-moving probe will travel toward your target’s current location. The probe emits a debilitating field as it moves, periodically disabling any foes it comes in contact with. Upon reaching its destination, it will explode in a shockwave of electromagnetic energy, damaging and disabling nearby foes.
    • Energy Weapons : Surgical Strikes
      • Activating this ability will cause your beam and cannon weapons to fire more accurately for the duration of the buff, benefit from increased Accuracy and Critical Hit Chance. However, they will also fire more slowly while this is in effect.
    • Evade Target Lock
      • The victim of this ability will have their accuracy drastically reduced against the user. Additionally, the ship that uses this ability will be seen as an invalid target for all nearby mines and targetable torpedoes.
    • Intelligence Team
      • Intelligence Team grants the target (or yourself) a short duration Cloak, while simultaneously reducing the amount of threat the target generates against all nearby enemies. It will also remove the “Expose Vulnerability” debuffs that can be inflicted by enemy Intelligence starships.
    • Ionic Turbulence
      • Create a hazardous cloud at the targeted location. Foes caught in this hazard will have their damage resistance reduced, as well as their movement capabilities. Additionally, lingering in the cloud has a chance to cause affected ships to briefly spin out of control.
    • Kinetic Magnet
      • Resonate the enemy’s hull, causing them to take greater damage from all kinetic sources. This resonance will also draw in all nearby mines and targetable torpedoes, regardless of their allegiance.
    • Override Subsystem Safeties
      • Temporarily increase the maximum power thresholds on all subsystems. The bonuses gained by this ability fade quickly over the duration. Once the effect ends, a random subsystem will be shut down for a short duration. Higher ranks of this ability will reduce the offline time.
    • Subnucleonic Carrier Wave
      • This ability is capable of removing beneficial effects from nearby foes and playing havoc with their ability cooldowns. The effects of this power are far weaker than those of Subnucleonic Beam, but it is capable of affecting up to 5 nearby foes simultaneously.
    • Torpedo : Transport Warhead
      • Upgrade your next torpedo attack, and beam a warhead directly to the command decks of your targeted foe. After a short fuse timer, the explosion will occur, completely bypassing shields and granting a small chance for a random subsystem to go offline.
    • Viral Impulse Burst
      • Multiple nearby foes will receive a speed increase, but their turn rate and throttle controls will be disabled. The culmination of these effects is that foes will end up “running away” from the user, giving them an opportunity to regroup.
    • Subspace Beacon
      • Place a beacon at your current location. As long as you remain within a limited distance of this beacon, you may trigger the ability a second time to instantly jump to its location. Activating a jump, or moving more than the maximum distance away, will cause the beacon to expire. Although the beacon is destructible, it has a high stealth value.


    • Star Trek Online: Delta Rising – Operations Pack

    • Starfleet:

    • Phantom Intel Escort


    • Eclipse Intel Cruiser
    • Scryer Intel Science Vessel
    • Guardian Cruiser


    • Klingon Empire Starships


    • Qib Intel Battlecruiser
    • MaHa Raptor


    • Romulan Republic Starships


    • Faeht Intel Warbird
    • Aelahl Light Warbird Battlecruiser


    • Talaxian Uniform
    • Three Ship Upgrade Tokens*
    • Three Very Rare Intelligence Bridge Officers (per faction)
    • Three Very Rare Delta Quadrant Duty Officers
    • Exclusive Titles


    • Title: Voyager
    • Title: Delta Quadrant Explorer
    • Title: Delta Quadrant Ambassador


    • Grapple Gun.


    • The grapple gun has three settings:
    • traverse, which lets you cross a more or less horizontal plane;
    • zipline, that uses gravity to propel you in a controlled slide at an angle
    • rappel, which allows you to drop down a vertical surface safely.


    • Tier 6 Ships Detailed!


    • Faster and more agile than non-intel ships of the same category
    • Less hull strength (HP) than non-intel ships of the same category
    • Cloaking Device
      • Starfleet Intel ships have a standard Cloak
      • Klingon Intel ships have Battle Cloak
      • Romulan Intel ships have Enhanced Romulan Battle Cloak
    • Can equip Dual Cannons
    • All Intel ships are Tier 6, so include standard features for this tier
      • Scaling HP
      • Starship Mastery passive abilities
      • Starship Trait
      • Have a Commander hybrid Intelligence bridge officer seat
      • Have at least one other lower rank hybrid Intelligence bridge officer seat
      • Have the Gather Intelligence mechanic
        • All Intel ships are capable of deploying an Intel sensor drone with the Gather Intelligence ability. Once deployed, this sensor drone will scan your target until you disable it or the target is destroyed. The target of your Gather Intelligence ability will periodically receive a Penetrating Scan debuff that will stack. Once enough Penetrating Scans have stacked on your target they become Vulnerable for a short time.
        • While the target is Vulnerable, Intel ships can use one of the three Expose Vulnerability abilities on this target. These powerful abilities find a critical weakness in the target starship and then allow you and your teammates to briefly exploit it. This comes in the form of a crippling debuff or control effect. After a target has been afflicted by an Expose Vulnerability effect, the affected foe quickly compensates for its discovered weakness and thus become immune to Penetrating Scan debuffs for a short period of time.
          • Expose Vulnerability: Defense
            • Your sensor probe discovers a critical weakness in the target’s hull and shield systems. This devastating expose effect drastically reduces the target’s damage resistance and shield hardness, causing the target to suffer significantly more damage while under this effect. In addition, Expose Vulnerability: Defenses also clears all Engineering buffs on the target.
          • Expose Vulnerability: Weapon Systems
            • Your sensor probe unveils a critical weakness in the target’s weapons and targeting systems. This crippling effect will significantly reduce the target’s accuracy and damage for a short time. In addition, Expose Vulnerability: Weapon Systems also clears all Tactical buffs on the target.
          • Expose Vulnerability: Critical Systems
            • Your sensor probe discovers a major flaw in the target’s critical systems. This expose effect will apply a Hold effect on the target rendering them helpless for a short period of time. In addition, Expose Vulnerability: Critical Systems will clear all Science buffs on the target.

    Podcast UGC – Episode 167: Tier Ship Ships

    This week, we talk about the dev blogs that have outlined details on the new Tier 6 Ships, new specialists bridge officers, Tier 5-U upgrade requirements, peek at a couple of ships from the Delta Quadrant, and wonder what new gameplay mechanic could possibly be added to the game. In the AfterSTO, we argue whether the Ice Bucket Challenge is the greatest act of charity to ever happen to ALS, or whether its charity for the wrong reasons: charity for vanity.



    • End of Summer Celebration Cryptic is
    • Releasing a Well Known Ship Thursday


    • Each day around 10AM PDT, starting this Friday, August 29, 2014 and continuing through Monday there will be a different free item!


    • To claim it, simply log into the game on an eligible character (we’ll list the eligibility requirements for each item in a later news post), visit the in-game C-Store, navigate to the item listed, and click the “Claim” button before the next day’s giveaway.
    • All Items will be Account Wide Unlocks


    • Tier 6 Ships
    • Lots of {REDACTED}


    • Stat improvements
      • Each time your captain gains a level beyond 50 (up to level 60) the starship’s hit points will increase
    • Specialist Bridge Officers
      • These special officers have access to two complete pools of bridge officer abilities.
    • Starship Mastery
      • Upon reaching Starship Mastery level 5 a Starship Trait will be unlocked. This special trait can be slotted into any of your four Starship Trait slots.
      • Starship Mastery passive powers are unlocked on a per-ship basis. Since they represent a captain and crew’s affinity with the ship they must be unlocked for each ship you own.
    • Starship Trait
      • All Tier 6 ships have the ability to become more powerful as the captain gains Skill Points. This allows the starship to effectively “Level Up”.
      • This is a new set of trait slots that will be available to all characters upon achieving level 50
    • New game mechanics
      • One of Cryptic’s goals with Tier 6 ships is to have the ability to introduce new game mechanics with some ships.


    • Tier 5 Starship Upgrades or T5-U Ships
    • Ships Upgrade
    • It will Cost ZEN!


    • must be level 50 and at a starship selector NPC on a ground map
    • When browsing your starships you’ll notice that qualifying Tier 5 ships will now have an upgrade button on the starship’s inventory screen.
      • Pressing this button will prompt you to pay a Zen cost
        • some ships will be free to upgrade
          • This includes things like many event reputation ships (like the Breen and Risian ships), all lockbox ships, all lobi store ships, and duty officer promotion ships like the Jem’Hadar Attack Ship and Voth Bulwark Dreadnought Cruiser.
      • This cost will be significantly lower than if you were to purchase a Tier 6 ship from the Zen Store.
      • Completing this purchase will then immediately upgrade your ship and transfer any items on the T5 ship to the new upgraded ship.
      • The Upgrade is Account Wide
    • T5-U ships will feature a sizeable number of additional hit points that will increase as your captain levels up, an additional console slot, and four Starship Mastery levels.
      • All T5-U ships have the ability to become more powerful as the captain gains Skill Points. This allows the starship to effectively “Level Up”.
      • All T5-U ships only can “level Up” to Rank 4, so they will not get…
        • Starship Trait
        • Additional Bridge Officer Ability
        • Specialist Bridge Officer Seats
          • It has been noted that some T6 ships may not come with this seat either
    • Tier 5 starships that do not qualify for an upgrade, are those that fall into one of the following categories:
      • Starships with a Dilithium or Rank-Up Token cost
      • Starships that cost Fleet Credits only
      • Starships that are awarded from completion of an episode
      • Mirror Universe Starships


    • Level Cap Raise Tier Rewards


    • Level 51 – Gain a small pack of Duty Officers
    • Level 52 – Upgrade your Fleet Support ability from rank II to rank III
    • Level 54 – Upgrade your captain class ability Strike Team, Engineering Proficiency, or Scientific Aptitude from rank II to rank III
    • Level 55 – Gain a Bridge Officer Candidate
    • Level 57 – Upgrade your captain class ability Tactical Fleet, Engineering Fleet, or Science Fleet from rank II to rank III
    • Level 60 – Gain an additional Captain Trait slot

    Podcast UGC – Episode 165: Zumba Your Vulcan Ears Off

    This week, we talk about how Hav lost 100 man points by exercising to the most popular dance fitness routine for women in the world … in public, the amazing new expansion Star Trek: Delta Rising, and we ask our listeners for questions for our next interview with Captain Geko! Send them to podcastugc@gmail.com and give the show a listen!



    Delta Rising (October 2014)

    • Level Cap increased to 60, and the rank of Fleet Admiral / Dahar Master
      • The rank increase to Fleet Admiral will NOT allow us to control multiple starships. It’s still very much a “something Geko really wants in the game at some point” feature.
    • Tier 6 ships, and ship upgrades:
      • All 3 factions getting new ships (cruisers, escorts, science vessels, etc.).
      • New class of starship.
      • Tier 6 ships will have new ability that no other ship tier can do.
      • SOME form of ship upgrade system (NOT tied to crafting/R&D system) will allow for Tier 5/Lobi/Lock Box ships to be “competitive” at new endgame level.
      • “Nothing you have will become obsolete. Ships, gear, nothing.” – CaptainGeko.
      • Revamped Intrepid-class, with revamped interior (includes two variants of the Mess Hall, and the Astrometrics lab).
      • Other possible revamps include: Nebula, D’Kyr, Guramba, Aquarius, etc. (We’ll see some of those “get a little love” starting with Delta Rising.)
      • Federation-adapted Dauntless class[2]
    • Max gear level increase to Mk XIV:
      • Includes both space and ground gear.
      • New crafting system will immediately take advantage of level increases, once they go live.
    • New class of bridge officer:
      • Similar to the “sub-class” concept found in other fantasy MMOs.
      • New class will be tied to Tier 6 ships (possibly just the “new class” of starship).
    • New advancement system:
      • Specialization skill trees to add further character customization.
      • Progression in the system even beyond level 60.
      • Will add flexibility to ship builds, but will not directly tie into gameplay.
    • Increasing the level cap and adding new gear helps to fight power creep because the game is rebalanced for a max of level 60.
    • Some of the 50-60 content will be held off to be released later.
      • They have plans in place through at least the next anniversary.
      • With a good amount of repeatable content in place, they can bring us more story content now.
      • Players will not be able to burn through new content, and level increases won’t be as easy as earlier levels of the game.
    • Tim Russ will return, accompanied by fellow Voyager actors, among them Garrett Wang, whose character Harry Kim is Captain of the U.S.S.Rhode Island by 2410.
    • Testing period and dev blogs:
      • The new code branch will be on Tribble starting sometime in August 2014.
      • Will probably not have any content, initially, as the expansion will be released to Tribble a little at a time.
      • There are more than 40 dev blogs coming regarding this expansion.

    Podcast UGC – Episode 163: Run, Captain Geko, Run!

    This week, I’m joined by listeners Admiral Tade and Captain B Money because Rikturscale is still assembling his house!  They join me to talk about people being angry at something Captain Geko said on a STOked Radio Interview. Players are quitting one by one!  But, is all the rage worth it?  We weigh in.

    And, I oogle Odyssey uniforms, and lament my poor Foundry lag experiences.



    • Important Foundry News!


    • Foundry is Up, Missions Previous to 9.5 have long lag times.
    • Costumes Added to Foundry
      • Numerous ships have been added to the ship costume creator:
        • Odyssey Uniforms, Academy Uniforms
      • Foundry is Kind of Painfully Slow All Around


    • UI Update to Duty Officer System Has Some Disappointed people?


    Exploration Clusters Removed, Doors Added – http://www.arcgames.com/en/games/star-trek-online/news/detail/6002963-exploration-cluster-removal

    Adventure Zone Reward Updates


    Dilithium added to Borg Invasion of Defera, the Tholian Incursion of Nukara, the New Romulus Adventure Zone, and the Solanae Dyson Sphere Adventure Zones

    Release Notes:




    Kirkfat’s Delta Volanis Exploration Mission 1 & 2 (Admiral Tade)



    The Rock is Shazam?

    Ken Ham – NASA should be shut down?           http://www.salon.com/2014/07/21/ken_ham_wants_to_end_the_u_s_space_program_because_aliens_can%E2%80%99t_have_salvation/


    Podcast UGC – Episode 162: Ok Google, Find Helna

    After the 4th of July week, Podcast UGC is back, and with a ton of news from the Foundry to the upcoming improves to STO. Additionally, Rikturscale has a new house, Hav’s Samus helmet is basically finished, and Hav really, really, really wants to sell you on the personal assistant you have waiting in your pocket. No, not that assistant. Stop it. Stop playing with that.


    • Important Foundry News!


    • Foundry is Down
    • Costumes Added to Foundry
      • Numerous ships have been added to the ship costume creator:
        • Armitage, Thunderchild, Venture, Regent, Gladius, Sao Paulo, Exeter, Tempest, Rhode Island, Bellerophon, Aventine, Rademaker, Vesta, Avenger.
      • TOS Dress and Medical uniform have been added to the ground costume creator.
    • All NPCs for Fed Now Wear Odyssey
    • Laying Down Animations Broke For Old Missions Tough Noogies
    • Starbase UGC User Created Sector Block – http://t.co/NGhx1zLQmH
    • Exploration Clusters Removed
      • For those who will miss the opportunity to explore these particular locations, we will be adding doors to the Foundry so that player-created missions can make use of these settings.  The limitless nature of the potential missions that can be created using the Foundry as well as the high quality of content that Foundry authors continue to deliver are both exactly in line with the original goals of Exploration Clusters.


    • Uniforms


    Exploration Clusters Removed, Doors Added – http://www.arcgames.com/en/games/star-trek-online/news/detail/6002963-exploration-cluster-removal



    Podcast UGC – Episode 161: Libraries. Who Needs Them.

    This week on Podcast UGC, we take a look at crafting on Tribble, get distracted by free uniforms, and mourn the loss of Memory Alpha … and every Foundry mission that ever had a door on it. In the AfterSTO, we talk upcoming movies, including TMNT and Batman vs. Superman. Give it a listen!



    • Important Foundry News!


    • Memory Alpha ground social map is going to be removed in the game.
    • Only the foundry version will remain.
    • If you have doors on the social Map, you will need to move them to the planet itself in sector space.


    • Crafting on Tribble!
      • Limited number of Crafting slots based on your base crafting level
      • New UI with LARGE clickable tabs that show a picture of the item to be crafted, a box with icons for the requirements for the item (including Level Req, DOFFs and items)
      • You can pick the level of the item you want to make from level 0, but getting a GOOD mkXII is out of the question
      • Once you click on a project (and select the level of the item to be crafted) you can see fairly plainly what you need to complete the project.
        • the Window shows…
          • What Item is being crafted and what the chance for Reg/Crit success is
          • The Difficulty of the Task as well as your active Skill including bonuses
            • The higher your skill vs the difficulty, the higher the quality of the item made and better chance of a Very Rare item
          • What Duty Officer(s) is assigned
          • Items that will be consumed
          • CATALYSTS
            • These are optional items ( officers or other crafted items) that increase the quality of the item being crafted
            • these items are CONSUMED!


    • My Best Guess, this is where we add the Procs for weapons and the like.


    • XP Earned in the category
    • How long the task will take

    From the Tribble Forums…

    • Captains will craft items throughout a choice of 7 schools using Duty Officers to complete the project as well as increase the chance of creating a higher quality item depending on the Duty Officers used.
    • At launch, we will have 7 schools each of which have 20 levels.
      • Tier 1 is levels 0-4, Tier 2 is levels 5-9, Tier 3 is levels 10-14, and Tier 4 is levels 15-20.
      • Your skill at making things depends on your level in the school from which you are crafting, and the difficulty of your task depends on the level of item you are trying to create.
        • As long as you have the materials, you can try to create Mark XII items at School Level 1 but your chance of creating a Very Rare will be nonexistent due to the task’s high difficulty and your low starting skill.
        • As you progress by crafting items, your Skill Rating increases, causing the overall quality of the items you craft to increase on average.
        • By the time you hit the maximum level of any school, you’ll regularly craft Rare and Very Rare items, and you’ll completely eliminate Common items from your potential outcomes.
      • Crafting Schools
        • Beams:
          • Beam Arrays, Dual Beam Banks
          • Beam Consoles – Unlocks at Tier 2
          • Dilithium Components – Unlocks at tier 3
          • Trait: On activating Beam skill, gain 2% Beam damage for 20 sec. Stacks x3.
        • Cannons:
          • Dual Cannons, Turrets, Single Cannons, Dual Heavy Cannons
          • Cannon Consoles – Unlocks at Tier 2
          • Dilithium Components – Unlocks at tier 3
          • Trait: On activating Cannon skill, gain +1 Turn Rate, +1 Inertia for 20 sec. Stacks x3.
        • Projectiles:
          • Torpedoes and Mines
          • Projectile Consoles – Unlocks at Tier 2
          • Dilithium Components – Unlocks at tier 3
          • Trait: Your Torpedoes and Mines penetrate an extra 10% of your target’s shields
        • Shields & Arrays:
          • Shields
          • Ground Shields – Unlocks at Tier 2
          • Dilithium Components – Unlocks at tier 3
          • Trait: Activating a Shield Heal gives the target 99% Shield DR for 1 second
        • Science:
          • Deflectors
          • Science Consoles – Unlocks at Tier 2
          • Dilithium Components – Unlocks at tier 3
          • Trait: Your Particle Generator skill gives up to 25% bonus crit chance on Science powers (at 100 PartGens)
        • Engineering:
          • Impulse Engines, Warp Cores, Singularity Cores, Ground Armor
          • Engineering Consoles – Unlocks at Tier 2
          • Dilithium Components – Unlocks at tier 3
          • Trait: Activating any Engineering Bridge Officer ability gives 100% dodge chance with 20% deflect for 3 seconds.
        • Ground Weapons:
          • Basic Ground Weapons
          • Advanced Ground Weapons – Unlocks at Tier 2
          • Dilithium Components – Unlocks at tier 3
          • Trait: All of your ground weapon attacks penetrate 10 armor rating.
    • Components are required to build items
      • Components are built from Materials.
      • Materials are found throughout the galaxy where harvesting nodes previously were.
      • Materials can also be collected through Duty Officer assignments and PVE Queues.
      • All Components and Materials can be traded or put up on the exchange.


    • DOFF Changes


    • UI similar to Crafting’s UI
    • Can force DOFF mission completion by spending Dilithium


    • Rikturscale Impressions
      • Pros… So Far…
      • Possible Cons…
        • It is Neverwinter’s Crafting System without the polished UI (though they are similar looking)
        • If these items are not on par with Fleet items, this system will not really be used by members of fleets and might be dead on the vine
        • If they ARE on par with Fleet items this means Fleets are going to have a hard time advancing because of the Dilithium cost of this system.
      • Suggestions
        • Make sure no items are bind on pick-up!


    Podcast UGC – Episode 160: Crafting Update! … Again


    • Season 9.5 update will focus on crafting.


    • completely reworked every element of crafting in the game.
    • multiple schools for captains to level up in
    • a new user interface for both Crafting AND Duty Officers
    • new abilities for crafted gear that are not found in dropped loot.
    • facelift to duty officer user interface.
    • detailed dev blogs on each aspect of the new system over the coming week
    • Season 9.5 will be on Tribble soon
    • Going live in late July.


    • Star Trek in the REAL WORLD!
    • The “Real” Starship Enterprise!?!



    • Star Trek Automatic Doors!
    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhrLetrTSYA


    Foundry Review:

    State of the Union by contactpsi


    • Post E3 News
    • 13 Episode Seasons to Television Shows
    • A New Star Trek Series on Netflix?