Podcast UGC – Episode 177: Merry Christmashannakwanzicus!

Surprised to see us!? So are we! What the hell are we even doing again? Is that egg nog on our breath? Where are we?

It’s the Christmashannakwanzicus Podcast UGC special! This week we mostly jabber about toys, movies, and stuff that’s so AfterSTO that it starts before the AfterSTO does. Enjoy!

AfterSTO Basically Starts @ 29:50, but LEGIT starts @ 1:00:28

Podcast UGC – Episode 176: When Did the Foundry Stop Sucking?



Episode 176Show Notes for 12/10/2014




  • HAVELATION: The Foundry Doesn’t Suck So Much Anymore?


  • New Sliders for Character Customization

  • More NPC Contacts

  • New NPC Contact Groups

  • More Clothing Options for Costumes

  • Hav’s new mission is under construction.


  • Release Notes



  • Elachi Alert Weekend



  • Limited Time Elachi Dreadnaught Cruiser



The AfterSTO – 1:29:34


  • Pokeyman!


  • My Little Brony!

  • Furries and Chlorine Don’t Mix

  • The Peeps Jesus Was Down With Killin’

  • Rikturscale’s Future Destiny is Destiny

  • Hav’s Gotten Smashed, So Now He’s Playing Pokeyman and Doubting His Adulthood

  • Why Are So Many Gamers Against Handhelds?

    • Why Does Sony Portables Trail Behind Nintendo Portables?

    • Video Game “Innovation” is a Gamble that Bites All Console Manufacturers Equally

      • Wii U’s Gamepad Makes RTS games NOT suck on consoles.

  • Why No Man (Except Rikturscale) Will Like No Man’s Sky

    • The Critiques of Zelda Wii U Might Be What Kills No Man’s Sky

    • Hav Doesn’t Think Procedurally Driven Worlds Will Satisfy Exoplanet Curiosity

  • Uncharted 4 Trailer!

Nathan Drake in Uncharted 3 vs. Drake in Uncharted 4 Comparison is Messing with People’s Minds – https://twitter.com/bfelczer/status/542499382201823232/photo/1

Podcast UGC -Episode 174: How Do You Podcast Again?

This week, Rikturscale explains why he’s a terrible person, Hav complains that STO has somehow gotten too hard for him, Hav’s brain just totally breaks mid-episode, and the AfterSTO is filled with so much video games and super hero tv show talk that it just isn’t even a show about Star Trek anymore. But listen anyway. It’s good. Promise.

  • Club 47 Opening Soon!    Join DJ Zuza in the new Club 47 on Earth Space Dock!

  • Livestream of The ReOpening of Club 47!

    • Nov 21 12:30pm PST
    • Nick ‘TacoFangs’ Duguid
    • From 9:00 AM November 20 to 10:00 AM November 24, players can access any GPL store and claim two new items:
    • A free Club Wear outfit for males and females.
      • The Club Wear outfits can only be worn in the following zones:
        • Earth Space Dock
        • Drozana Station
        • Risa
        • Federation and Klingon Fleet Starbases
    • A free Emote: The Shuffle Dance.
    • Both of these rewards unlock for the account so players only need to claim them once.
    • GPL Stores can be accessed on Drozana Station and on ESD in the Club.
  • After the event ends, the Club Wear and Shuffle Dance Emote will cost 250,000 GPL each.
  • Though KDF Captains and KDF-allied Romulan Captains cannot visit Club 47, they still have access to the Club Wear and Shuffle Dance Emote during and after the event.

  • What’s Left Behind

  • New Delta Quadrant episode “What’s Left Behind”.

  • This episode follows “Takedown” and acts as an epilogue to the Delta Rising story line.
    • This episode is only available to captains that are level 60.
  • Leeta’s face is more symmetrical.

Podcast UGC – Episode 173: Dapper Bluegill

This week, we talk about the Cooperative, the Vaudwaar, the Bluegills, Bayonetta 2, Zombies, and all sorts of awesome stuff all right on top of each other! Check it out!



  • New Subscriber Bonuses!
    • Lifetime Subscription
      • Talaxian Playable Species
        • Talaxians are now available as a new playable species for Federation and Klingon factions.
        • Talaxians are available for players with lifetime accounts.
        • This is retroactive to anyone that has purchased a lifetime subscription
    • Additional 800 Day Veteran reward
      • One Ship Upgrade Token per Account
        • The Upgrade Token reward pack will be mailed in game to the first character that logs in on the account.
        • That character will receive a reward pack which can be traded to any character on the same account.
        • Once the Upgrade Token is unpacked, it will be bound to that character and cannot be traded.
        • This will also unlock for Lifetime subscribers.
        • This is retroactive to all 800 day veterans and lifetime subscribers.


  • Mirror Invasion Event!
    • The Mirror Invasion will be returning to Star Trek Online as part of a brand new limited time event starting on Thursday, October 30th, 2014, and ending on Thursday, November 20th, 2014 (when maintenance begins). This revamped event map will only be playable during this three week event timeframe.
    • In addition to earning a choice of marks for playing the Mirror Invasion queued event, players can run a new reputation project to earn a huge reward of Dilithium, Marks, and a unique Zefram Cochrane Shotgun (details below).

Podcast UGC – Episode 172: Valsaavik

This episode of Podcast UGC, we talk a little bit about STO, a lot of bit about Valeris vs. Saavik, Rik does math and finds out Tier FU is more FU than we thought, we read emails, talk about charity, review video games in the afterSTO, and touch a little bit on what’s right, and mostly wrong, about Gamergate and both sides who are duking it out. … is there anything we actually don’t talk about? Well, spoilers. We try, at least. Give it a listen!


  • How are we liking Delta Rising?
  • Free Lobi this weekend!
    • Get 20 Lobi on each day this weekend just by logging in and visiting Grym on Earth Spacedock or Qo’Nos
  • Tier 5-U is REALLY Tier F.U.
    • Ship Upgrading
      • Zen Store Tier 5 Ships Cost 2500 Zen ($25)
        • Upgrades Costs 700 Zen ($7.00)
          • 500 Zen if you buy a bundle of 4 for $20
      • Zen Tier 6 ships cost 3000 Zen ($30)
  • Star Trek Online Teams-up with ExtraLife!




  • Release Notes:
    • The Scientist Jacket is now available for females in the Costume editor.
    • Added NPC contacts wearing multiple variants of EV suits.
    • There are now additional holographic NPC Contacts.
    • Resolved an issue with duplicate display names for Ocampa and Octanti NPC Contacts.
    • The Non-combat NPC Groups now properly display as Allegiance Neutral.

Podcast UGC – Episode 171: Delta Risen!

This week on Podcast UGC, Delta Rising has launched – we give our impressions, Hav talks about writing his novel and how the first chapter will be posted to sciencefiction.com this Sunday, and who would of thought that listening to someone talk about giving birth to sporks out your penis would become someone else’s sexual harrassment charge? In the AfterSTO, Hav goes into an hour long review of the recently released game Alien: Isolation, and asks for your opinions too. Give it a listen!


Episode 171

Show Notes for 10/16/2014



  • Delta Expedition Lock Box
  • SPOT!


  • Cat Companion Vanity Pet
  • Benthan Assault Cruiser [T6].
    • New Starship Trait: Load Viral Torpedo
      • Engineering, Science, Tactical and Intelligence Team now load a Viral Torpedo.
      • This causes your next Torpedo attack to disable your target(s) for a short period of time.
      • This can occur once every 20 seconds.
    • Console – Universal – Polaric Chromoelectric Modulator.
      • Usage of this device allows redirection of incoming energy damage into massive reservoirs spread throughout the ship’s hull, which lessens the harm such attacks deal to their shields. This energy can also then be emitted toward an enemy starship, disabling their systems and overloading their EPS conduits to cause hull ruptures throughout the ship.
  • Hazari Destroyer [T6]
    • New Starship Trait: Partners In Arms:
    • Your ally targeted heals and buffs now provide you with a boost to all damage for a short time.
    • This buff stacks up to 3 times. (Does not trigger when healing/buffing self.)
    • Console – Universal – Hazari Shield Drone
      • to be used even in scenarios where an ally cannot be relied upon. While active, the Hazari Shielding Drone will prevent a massive amount of damage directed toward its owner until it either expires, or is destroyed.
  • Kazon Heavy Raider ([T5])
    • Taking the place in the prize table previously occupied by our Mirror Universe starships
  • The Cross-Faction Consoles
    • Federation:
      • Repair Platforms OR Projected Singularity
    • Klingon:
      • Metreon Gas Canisters OR Projected Singularity
    • Romulan:
      • Repair Platforms OR Metreon Gas Canisters
  • 6 New Traits
    • Ground:
      • Berserker:
        • For each enemy within 5m, you gain 5% Bonus All Damage (up to 4 stacks max)
      • Imminent Danger:
        • When your health drops to 25%, gain 80% Dodge Chance for 6 seconds(max once per 60 seconds)
      • Overcharging:
        • +10% Cooldown Reduction for all abilities when Shields are at maximum capacity.
    • Space:
      • Exotic Absorption:
        • When struck by any Exotic Damage ability, gain 20% Shield Hardness and a minor Shield Regeneration for 10 seconds (max once per 60 seconds)
      • Failsafe Scrambler:
        • When your hull drops below 20%, automatically Placate all foes within 10km for 5 seconds and reset Threat vs. all nearby NPCs (max once per 60 seconds)
      • Positive Feedback Loop:
        • Activating any Exotic Damage ability grants you a 10% increase to Hull and Shield Healing effectiveness. Activating any Hull or Shield Heal grants you a 10% Bonus to Exotic Damage. Each effect is mutually exclusive.
    • Brand new Expedition Kit Modules
        • Bulwark Projection
          • First Activation: Self-Only, High Damage Resistance along a Frontal 90-Degree Arc
          • Second Activation:
          • High Damage Debuff to all Foes in a Frontal 90-Degree Arc
      • Electrostatic Field
        • First Activation:
        • Self-Only, Reflects incoming Energy Attacks back at Attackers
        • Second Activation:
        • Electrical DOT to all Foes within 10m
    • Reconstructive Nanites
      • First Activation:
      • Self-Only, Damage Resistance and Heal-Over-Time
      • Second Activation:
      • Team-Wide Maximum Hitpoint Increase
  • Unstable Dampener
    • First Activation:
    • Energy Damage Debuff to all Foes within 10m
    • Second Activation:
    • Team-Wide Energy Damage Bonus
    • Coordinated Efforts
      • First Activation:
      • Team-Wide Expose Chance and Exploit Damage Buff
      • Second Activation:
      • Team-Wide Debuff Removal (1 Cleanse per Second)
  • Piercing Strikes
    • First Activation:
    • Self-Only, Armor Penetration Buff
    • Second Activation:
    • Damage Resistance Debuff to up to 5 nearby foes
  • Corrosive Plasma Energy Weapons
    • Space and Ground
  • Research & Development Packs
    • This pack contains the same selection of materials, components, catalysts and accelerators. This pack will contain a total of forty (40) Materials ranging from Common to Very Rare, eight (8) Components, three (3) random R&D Catalysts and four (4) random Upgrade Accelerators.
    • Research & Development Mini-Pack
      • contains a total of nine (9) Materials ranging from Common to Very Rare, four (4) Components, two (2) random R&D Catalysts and three (3) random Upgrade Accelerators.
  • Talaxian Hybrid Intelligence Officer Candidates
    • Gender: Male
    • Profession: Engineering, Science or Tactical (your choice!)
    • Specialization: Intelligence
    • Traits:
      • Ground: Superior Teamwork (Increases Exploit Damage of Team)
      • Ground: Superior Creative (Improves Effectiveness of Many Abilities)
      • Ground: Natural Immunities (Resistance to Radiation and Toxic)
      • Space: Salvage Specialist (Receive R&D Materials During Combat)
  • Ground & Space Abilities:
    • A blended assortment of Profession-specific and Intelligence abilities, including at least one rare Rank III Intelligence Ability.
  • Podcast UGC – Episode 170: How DO you spell DoopyDoopyDoop?

    This week, we go into the fine details as to why we’re not broadcasting live at the moment, we come up with genius ways to make millions of dollars, explore the controversial etymology of the term “holy shit”, try desperately to figure out what’s wrong with Seven’s face, and in the aftersto we talk about Macs vs. PCs and Hav reviews his first ever official viewing of an episode of Dr. Who.




    • Difficulty Revamp

    • Normal


    • Basically the Same as before
    • These remain as you have always enjoyed them, only now the endgame events have a minimum level requirement of 50. All Captains and critters in Normal mode will be fighting at level 50, and those who enter the queues above that level will have their efficacy lowered to that of level 50. Don’t fret! You’ll still have all your powers and Bridge Officer seats, but the numbers you produce will be scaled appropriately to the level of the event.
    • Rewards for Normal mode remain as they have been in Season 9.5. You will receive Marks and a Normal Queue R&D Material Reward Package upon completion of the event.
    • Advanced Mode
      • Formerly Known as Elite
      • The new Advanced versions of the queues you will see a similar level of challenge in the enemies that you are used to when the queues were labeled Elite
      • In addition, players with Captains under max level will find themselves bolstered up to level 60, the same level as their opponents.
        • You won’t gain seats or powers you didn’t have, but your damage and other numerical values for your Captain and ship will be scaled up to match what you would do at this higher level.
      • Many objectives that were optional in Normal mode are now required in Advanced mode with NEW optional challenges!


    • Elite


    • Warning: The new Elite mode is far and away the hardest content we have put into Star Trek Online. We expect you to not just be outfitted in great gear, but have become proficient in the Normal and Advanced versions of the events as well. You should be a master of your character and your ship, as well as knowing what your teammates are capable of doing. You should also know what to expect from the enemy you will be fighting as well.
    • You need to be level 60 before you even can attempt any Elite mode queued events.
    • Success in an Elite mode event means you will earn for yourself more Marks, more Dilithium Ore, and an Elite Queue R&D Material Reward Package for the Research & Development system.



    • Dauntless


    • Being added to the Delta Rising: Operations Pack


    Other Trek News!


    • Dilithium mining claims, preferred customer mining claim boxes, and VIP customer mining claim boxes from now on will be Bind to Account on Pickup, instead of Bind on Pickup.
      • Existing claims are not changed.