Podcast UGC – Episode 198: Quantum of Simulations

In this week’s really long episode of Podcast UGC, Hav and Rik discuss some STO news, answer listener mail about what exactly is “Pay to Win” and what actually qualifies as it, discuss the recent firing of Nintendo Treehouse localization expert Chris Pranger and what it means about today’s corporations, discuss recent rumors about the identity of the Nintendo NX, and wonder about the possibility that we ourselves exist in a kind of video game: that our reality as we know it is a simulation. Give it a listen!

Podcast UGC – Episode 197: A New Dawn, a New Debate

After my editing program decided to you know … NOT open for me, requiring me to spread out my work across several computers, we’ve finally been able to render and post this week’s episode of Podcast UGC! What does it entail? Talk of a new season for Star Trek Online! Oh, and also, Hav and Rikturscale were really really entertained by the Republican Debates. Also, a new game is out for the XBox One that … once again, embarrasses Hav’s precious Wii U. Give it a listen!

Podcast UGC – Episode 196: Outside the Box

After 5 weeks of being held for ransom, and no one answering the ransomers (thanks for that), we escaped and made a podcast! This week, we touch on some STO news, all the things that have been consuming Hav’s time while he was in a box, and during the afterSTO we talk about the death of Nintendo’s president, and Rikturscale’s review of the latest Terminator movie. Give it a listen! … if you still know how. I sure don’t.

Podcast UGC – Episode 194: Release the Ker’Rackles!

This week, Hav had a car wreck, Rikturscale enjoyed it way too much, and we go into some of the updates of Star Trek Online.

In the AfterSTO, we start our new segment “VENGENCE”, and Hav gives his way way way too long review of the new Nintendo Wii U game Splatoon. And he talks a bit about the latest Bat Radio eps, including the one he wrote. Give it a listen!

AfterSTO begins @ 01:04:31

Podcast UGC – Episode 192: Baiting the Whales

Your summer and winter events will never be the same! But what you do in them, is! So why the hell is that? Hav and Rik believe the secret reason revolves around money. And fish. Okay mammals. Whatever.

Also, we talk about the new Mad Max movie and how awesome its going to be in spite of feminists and male rights activists going at each others throats over it. We talk about 3D, and how 3D is awesome, and how Hav accidentally turned on 3D gaming on his PC once but can’t figure it out again. We also talk about the Netflix show Daredevil, the trailer for Supergirl, and Bat Radio Episode 2.

Give it a listen!

Podcast UGC – Episode 191: What Day is It?

So we learned a couple of things this episode. Firstly, that Podcast UGC is really … really popular, and secondly, that everyday is a holiday to somebody somewhere. And probably a terrible one.

We discuss Perfect World going private, Rikturscale’s secret passion for stock trading the … box … office …, and probably a lot of other stuff but … I’m tired and my brain hurts so just download the show!

Podcast UGC – Episode 190: SURPRISE SEASON 10!

This week, not only is Hav really, really tired from all the extra projects he’s taken on, but one of them was shut down – the creation of his new Foundry mission “Raising Helna”. Why was it shut down? Because Cryptic Studios, up and out of the blue, just decided to go ahead and release the greatest update to Star Trek Online yet. YEAH. That’s right. Helna was caged because Cryptic wanted to give you guys like … something else. THANKS OBAMA.

Also, Rikturscale may or may not actually be Rikturscale this week. We’re unsure, because he sounds different and we’re unable unwilling apathetic towards verifying his identity via the scientific method. Judging by his sudden display of previously undisclosed abilities, Hav suspects that he is not only an impostor, but in fact, a wizard.

Additionally, Hav is interested in your feedback on both his acting, writing, and audio engineering work on “Bat Radio”, the curse-laden parody satellite radio show that’s neither on a satellite or radio. Or a bat, for that matter. Included in this show is the 7 and a half minute mini-episode “Say the Word, Bat-Hole” during the break, and at the end of the show, listen to the 25 minute pilot episode “Leave Me Alone”. Then like the show on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/batradio?fref=ts , and write into podcastugc@gmail.com to tell Hav what you think.

AND, it’s the return of Havrage. But more like … Havwhine. Why is Havwhine a thing? Because Hav got what he wanted. And he doesn’t have any Suliban… don’t try to understand it. Just accept it. It’s his time of the month.

Tom Paris will be a thing in STO – Hav and Rik disagree whether Tom Paris makes sense as a thing in the SHOW, let alone the STO.

AAAANNDD, it’s a Star Wars themed AfterSTO. Weeee

Alright I’m tired of writing show notes just listen to the damn thing!

Break and Bat Radio Mini-Episode Starts @ 1:08:00
AfterSTO Starts @ 1:52:40
End of AfterSTO and Start of Bat Radio Episode 1 Starts @ 2:21:00