Desperate Prey

Desperate Prey

By djf021


Disaster strikes your ship while on a supply mission to New Romulus. Stranded, you must depend on your wits and your crew to save your ship. Unfortunately, your crippled vessel may not be your only problem…

Deisgned to not feel like it takes all day, and be action packed and fun. Mixed problem solving/combat situations. Mostly ground. *Charactrs with OPTIONAL backstories so you can decide if you want to know more! *Optional dialogues

If you have time, please let me know what you think in detail so I can improve! If you like the mission, in lieu of a tip please tell EVERYONE you know so I can get more plays!!! Thanks so much for playing!

*I know the bridge depicted is not yours, but bear with me as there’s no way to send you to your real bridge. 🙂 Thanks for your understanding!

This mission was reviewed in Podcast UGC – Episode 105

No Prize for Second Contact


No Prize for Second Contact

No Prize for Second Contact

By contactpsi


When a first contact mission is threatened by inter-galactic conflict, you are called upon by Starfleet Command to take over the mission and investigate. Intelligence reports indicate that the Tal Shiar have been interested in the Heservat, a soon to be warp-capable species.

As one of Starfleet’s most capable and accomplished Captains, you must use your keen diplomatic mind and decisive tactics to secure a peaceful and prosperous place for the Heservat among the stars.