Podcast UGC – Episode 155: Undine Are Just Misunderstood

After a week’s absence due to house commitments, we’re back and tackling everything from comic books, video games, and of course the latest happenings of Star Trek Online! Give it a listen!

Give it a Listen!

Show Notes


  • New Ships


  • Patrol Escort Refit: Tempest Class
    • Aft-Firing Tempest Tail Gun
    • Tempest class costume


  • Fleet Patrol Escort Refit: Maelstrom Class

  • 2 Ship Slots for Everyone!
  • Are Undine Evil?
  • Tribble: The AFK penalty has been applied.


  • Captains that AFK in a queued map will receive the following penalty:
    • 0 rewards for the event.
    • 2 hour cooldown on the ability to queue for any event.
    • These changes are implemented into the following queued events in normal and elite mode where applicable:
      • Storming the Spire
      • The Breach
      • Undine Assault
      • Undine Infiltration
      • Viscous Cycle



  • Destiny Gameplay Trailer.



  • EVE Universe Monument




  • Riktur’s B-day



  • Bat Affleck-man



  • Lego BOP


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