Podcast UGC – Episode 180: Of All The Weeks…

Hav really didn’t want to podcast this week. But of all the weeks to be in pain, Cryptic released cool new stuff for the Foundry. SO, here we are, with a shorting show than usual, talking about it all! Give it a listen!

Not really an AfterSTO this week. It’s all mixed together.

One comment on “Podcast UGC – Episode 180: Of All The Weeks…

  1. Hi PodcastUGC,

    Recently, I was working on increasing my chances of passing the ‘Azure Nebula Rescue’ PvE queue (in a PUG) on advanced mode (I was trying to harvest the R&D materials).

    I decided to purchase the Stalker Stealth Fighter (http://sto.gamepedia.com/Stalker_Stealth_Fighter) and found that if I…

    1) Activate ‘Energy Mask Signature’
    2) Zoom up to the captured ship within 4KM
    3) And then wait for my Aux power level to maximize

    I could then free the captured ship without drawing any aggro!

    I was then looking around for other uses of my stealth fighter and thought that if I just focused on the tasks in the ‘Borg Disconnected’ PvE queue, that I could contribute to the team in that way. No luck, however, for when I zoomed into the mission, I was sent in my starship and NOT my shuttlecraft.

    Do you guys use stealth in starships and is there any other missions that you think might benefit from a stealth approach?


    Hayden Jones
    Toronto, Canada

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