Podcast UGC – Episode 150: The Big One Five Oh!

It’s the 150th Episode of Podcast UGC! Not many podcasts can say they reached this point, especially podcasts whose subject matter has been essentially stagnant for years on end, but we made it happen and its all thanks to you guys, the listeners! This week Rikturscale and I are joined by Weapon Alpha, also known as @OmegaKage, who authored the Klingon mission Prepare for War. We tackle our impressions of the new kit system overhaul, the new ESD interior, Season 9 revelations, all the while discussing Prepare for War, reviewing Shore Leave Under Siege by Johnny Snowball, also reviewing Assassin’s Creed 4, and wondering … what exactly do the Breen look like under all those helmets? Curious? Give it a listen!


  • Season 9!

    • Name: A New Accord

    • Late April!

      • New feature episode

      • New space battlezone

      • Several pieces of queued PvE

      • Undine play a central role in Season 9

      • Updating the existing Undine episodes to showcase the new Undine

    • Kit Revamp

    • Earth Spacedock Revamp 2.0

    • Creating Prepare for War with OmegaKage

Review Р Shore Leave Under Siege by johnnysnowball


The Robocop AfterSTO

  • Riktur Finished Assassins Creed Black Flag

  • Riktur Loves this new Mashup Album

    • Amerigo Gazaway’s new *Soul Mates* series continues the theme of his previous work in creating collaborations that never were. On the series’ first installment, the producer unites Brooklyn rapper Yasiin Bey (Formerly Mos Def) and soul legend Marvin Gaye for a dream collaboration aptly titled “Yasiin Gaye”. Building the album’s foundation from deconstructed samples of Gaye’s Motown classics, Gazaway re-orchestrates the instrumentation into new productions within a similar framework. Carefully weaving Bey’s dense raps and Gaye’ soulful vocals over his new arrangements, the producer delivers a quality far closer to Gaye’s famous duets than that of a “mashup” album.

    • https://soundcloud.com/amerigomusic/yasiin-gaye-inner-city?in=amerigomusic/sets/yasiin-gaye-the-departure-side

  • Breen Under the Helmet

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  1. Hello PodcastUGC,

    Just wanted to congratulate (belatedly) you on reaching the big one-five-oh. You’ve come a long way since episode one, and even episode one hundred.

    Live Long and Podcast,

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