Podcast UGC – Episode 144: Milk Curdled Encapsulated Feline? … Where?

Tuvok has arrived, and this week Murphy and I review A Step Between Stars! Also, Season 8.5 has been released, and we like what we see, but we still wonder if its too little too late for some of us. Also, who is this STO Fugitive, and what’s happening this Saturday? And in the AfterSTO, Bill Nye and Ken Ham’s Creation/Evolution Debate, and Hav wonders what kind of tablet is the best tablet for him.

Give it a listen!

  • Tuvok Episode – A Step Between the Stars REVIEW!
  • Brandon Got a New Job Title?
  • STO Fugitive
  • Quick Equip
  • Review: The Jem’Hadar Alliance 3/6 by AdmiralMurphy
  • Creation V Evolution, and what place does religion have in the future?
  • Tablets. Tablets Everywhere.

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4 comments on “Podcast UGC – Episode 144: Milk Curdled Encapsulated Feline? … Where?

  1. Salutations , this episode you suggested that i comment on 8.5 since its out. well here it goes.

    1 st , interface updates , to quote James T Kirk , “its like fixing the barn doors after the cows come home.” ive already had different ship setups for certain things. for ground gear Ive always switched out gear from my inventory depending on the raid, stf , so Ive already had a way to do this . so being able to switch while clicking gear slots to equip doesn’t do much for me .

    2nd PVP shuttle queue , Not a big thing, Fleets have been doing this all along in private matches . while the multi faction aspect is nice , nothing that really “WOWs” me
    3rd The Featured episode , I enjoyed it , though i hope certain inconsistencies with spheres is explained later ..I liked the new spacewalk, the story was fun , the different versions that load and the players choice replay-ability is neat (for the different EV suits) .I enjoyed the VO work in the episode .

    4th, the anniversary event and new event calender, not so much , dont like the Q shell game , Im not avail on weekends much due to RL events ,so going to miss out on most of what “bonuses” these weekends give . I dont really like the “Want the ship grind this much within x days.” attitude Once in a while is ok .. this does well for the MMO farmer types , not toward the casual gamer that plays STO when they get the chance .

    in closing .I dont mind the MMO grind , if i can grind on MY TIME, not someone else’ s . ive slowly done the rep system on my own pace which doesnt make it a Grind in my mind . these event ship grinds makes it a chore not fun IMO.
    well thats it , enjoyed the show

  2. Hey Hav,

    Great episode! Whatever happened to that statue of Ensign Helna? What’s the status of “Raising Helna?” I must know!

    • That’s a good question. It hasn’t been completed yet. I hate pressuring Adam for it because I know he’s busy, but it kind of has been a couple of … years … hasn’t it? Hmmm…

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