Podcast UGC – Episode 143: Crusher of Foundry Hope

Well, we got word on the future of the Foundry from our new executive producer, and the words aren’t encouraging. This surprises you, if you are either new to the game, or have the IQ of a soap bar.

I apologize to all our soap bars listening.

This week, the ENTIRE PODCAST is practically STO content. So enjoy! Eat up! Don’t eat me though. I taste terrible.

Because I am terrible.

Foundry Dreams Destroyed

  • What do you foresee for the Foundry’s future?

    • At this time, Foundry improvements are being tracked as part of the “fix and improve” strategy.

    • We have a list of highly requested changes and are working to get some of them into each update.

    • I don’t foresee any major new features for Foundry in the coming months, however.

Tim Russ

Solanae Environmental Suits

Upgraded Solanae Environmental Suits

4-Year Anniversary Festive Party Horn

Khan Uniforms

Hirogen Lockbox and Lobi Ships


  • Hirogen Hunter Heavy Escort

    • Enhanced Inertial Damper Field Universal Console

      • allows the any Hirogen starship or any standard Escort, Raider or Raptor to perform a tactical maneuver allowing them to rapidly turn 180 degrees. During this maneuver the Hirogen ship is incredibly difficult to hit. After the maneuver has been completed, the Hirogen ship gains a tactical advantage that makes it both difficult to hit and deals more damage for a short period of time.

  • Hirogen Apex Heavy Battlecruiser

    • Photonic Decoy Swarm Universal Console.

      • This ability will baffle enemy sensors by creating a series of Photonic Decoys which create “ghost” energy and hull signatures almost identical to the vessel that deploys them.

All Hirogen Ships possess Long Range Sensor Masking. This passive ability grants the Hirogen ship a small amount of Stealth, which will render the Hirogen craft undetectable at long range.

Secondary Deflectors

  • The first Secondary Deflector available to players is the Solanae Secondary Deflector.

  • Inspiration for this item came from the presence of a Secondary Deflector (sometimes referred to an Auxiliary Deflector) on science ships like the Rhode Island and Intrepid class starships.

  • Q: Why Secondary Deflectors?

  • A: We wanted to give Science ships a little something extra that tied into Science bridge officer abilities and to also allow starship Captains the option of further defining their role in combat. Are they a Control Specialist, a Damage Dealer or Healer/Support Captain?

  • Q: What benefits do Secondary Deflectors provide?

  • A: These special items are designed to enhance a group of Science bridge officer abilities and are intended to give Science vessels a boost in either healing and support or damage when using powers that belong to the group of abilities supported by their Secondary Deflector. In addition, Secondary Deflectors will provide bonuses to various starship science skills.

  • Q: What different types of Secondary Deflectors will there be?

  • A: At the time of writing this there are currently 3 types of Secondary Deflectors. One focuses on healing and support Science bridge officer abilities (e.g. Science Team), the second provides benefits to control powers (e.g. Tractor Beam) and lastly third type enhances debuff and draining powers (e.g. Tachyon Beam).

  • Q: What ships can equip them?

  • A: Science Vessels. In short, if the starship has both Subsystem Targeting and Sensor Analysis it will receive a Secondary Deflector slot even if the ship’s art doesn’t have a Secondary Deflector.

  • Q: How will I get Secondary Deflectors?

  • A: These will likely be proliferated throughout the game much like Warp Cores. They will drop from enemies, come in all types of rarities and be purchasable from the energy credit and Dilithium stores.

Rikturscale Found an example of a Regular DOFF mission with the Crazy Skill math…

  • Personal Weapons Training…

    • All 3 Skills…

      • 24, 76, 0, 0

    • Just 1 Crit Skill…

      • 26, 74, 0, 0

  • Apparently the weird math happens with higher level DOFFs
  • We Review Admiral_Murphy’s The Jem Hadar Alliance 2/6.
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  1. Salutations , PodcastUGC , QuePan here ,(Rant starts) I just want to say that personally my main fed toon is a Science officer and flys a science ship . though my pew pew doesnt hit as hard as a TACT ,but its not supposed too , you compensate with the science abilities , you focus your build on what powers you want to use . And with the new “loadouts” science becomes more more flexible.
    I have a science toon for each faction and never taken more than 5 days to level up a toon , to be honest it takes the same time no matter the type of captain .(end Rant )
    great show , you both bring some great points about 8.5 .but i hold my opinions till i see it all working as intended , im sure there is going to be major bumps with the new systems , there always is.
    look forward to the next episode .

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