Podcast UGC – Episode 139: Janeway is Our Future

Ok so I messed up. Due to events somewhat outside of my control although not so much, I’ve reached the end of my allotted data for the month, resulting in the show having a sketchy quality and being completely not-live. Not entirely sure how long that will last, but if its truly until the end of the month, this will be a dark Christmas indeed.

STO has revealed the future of itself and your play style, and if that is to be believed, Hav and Rik use past interviews to hypothesize on what the future of Star Trek Online might bring as we kick 2013 in the rear. Also, Hav and Rik as comic fans have a few thoughts about Man of Steel 2 (aka Batman/Superman) and more specifically the casting of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Give it a listen!

A Block

  • Whistle While You Podcast
  • The Show Isn’t Live Because Hav Screwed Up His Internet.
  • The Future of STO is basically the relaunch of Voyager. How does Hav and Rik feel about this? How is Hav coping with life because of it?
  • Should Hav Make Purity VII Just to be an Ass?

B Block

  • Hav and Rik debate the merits of the movie Man of Steel.
  • Then, we talk about Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, who might be cast as Lex Luthor, who the heck Jason Mamoa is playing, and why Warner Bros. has such a shitty track record with their movies in comparison to Marvel.
  • Next Time, We Review the Composite Star Trek Comic!

One comment on “Podcast UGC – Episode 139: Janeway is Our Future

  1. Ok Hav you asked for it, I like Voyager, while i didnt like the early Kazon years , i enjoyed the series alot more after they left Kason space . though there are things that irked me about how certain things happened. Youll find that all the different Treks will have things that dont add up or in what direction the story went .
    My favorite Trek is DS9 with Voyager being close second .
    I even enjoyed Enterprise . though there are alot of things that bothered me there as well . and even JJ Trek Wars it entertains me .
    there you have it , Enjoying the Podcasts as always . keep them coming .

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