Podcast UGC – Episode 102: The Return of Captain Geko

It’s been a while since we had Al Rivera, lead designer of Star Trek Online, on the show. Last time was over a year ago, way back in Episode 47 when Alt and Nem were still hosts. Short of me being an annoying ass at the beginning of that episode (I can totally see why people hate me after listening to that, geez), the episode was an awesome success and according to a simple google search, remains one of our most popular shows of all time. Here’s to hoping Captain Geko’s return marks another big spike of interest for us and Star Trek Online in general!

I’m not the best at maintaining show notes but, for these sorts of interviews I make an exception and try to mark out the interesting things covered.

I thought about splitting this into 2 parts. Hell, we could have split it into 4 and took a month vacation AND generated a much longer, prolonged spike of hits for our new website. But this is a non-profit podcast: we don’t generate any funds off you guys. What we generate is fun and entertainment, so if releasing the entire thing at once in one big file makes ya happier, then that’s what we’ll do. At just under 4 hours it’s a massive show, but I hope you find it worth it.

And if you don’t like the all-in-one-sitting format, guess what? About a couple of decades ago they invented something called a pause button and a timestamp. Learn it, live it, love it.

Without further ado, here’s Captain Geko!

Show Notes –
– March Beneath the Raptors Wha?
– Meeting Denise Crosby- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMCvpbZz6Zg
– How Difficult is it to Get Star Trek Stars Involved in the Game?
– Which Star would Geko want to see doing voice work in the game most?
– T’Nae leaves aboard the Enterprise-C into the past: a mistake, or not so much?
– Is STO designed by committee? How much control does CBS demand?
– The original idea for Temporal Ambassador was quite different!
– CBS’s Response to Canon: It’s canon if enough people belief it? Is Ensign Helna canon!?
– CBS is far more concerned about what happens in STO than what happens in any book!
– You think J.J. Abrams blowing up Romulus was bad? If it wasn’t for Cryptic, he would have destroyed a whole lot more!

– Typhoon Class: Hav fights for it! But will it ever happen? … ehhh…
– Stargazer: Deyvid inquires. Will it happen?
– Are there any ships left that need to be included? There are DUD ships!?
– 25th Century Ships Are the Future!
– Some older C-Store Ships aren’t exactly up to par. Is it worth it to update them?
– Lethean Ships? Or does the KDF care more about a new Klingon vessels? Hear what the next Klingon ship shall be!
– Is the speed and cadence of ship releases lately the new normal? Is the decked-out quality of the Kumari now par for the course?
– Are bridges really worth it?
– 3-Ship Bundles are not the only ships coming, but more bundles are planned! Al reveals the next two he’s thinking about!
– Suliban ships? Meh, maybe not.
– Let’s talk the Kumari’s survivability for a second …
– Kamarag is pretty sciencey for a Klingon ship, ain’t it!


– Romulan Birds of Prey are 300 years old! Can we not get a new Bird of Prey for the 25th century please? Hav and Geko debate whether it’s needed, because let’s face it, it IS a sexy Bird of Prey already.
– Is the 3-Ship-Dynamic of Cruiser/Science/Escort broken, especially for PVP?

-Why do ships pop up in the C-Store more than costumes?
-C-Store Themed Bundles don’t exactly have the best return. The problem? Ship interiors.


The Next Update: User Interface?
– UI Update: What the heck is it?
– Character creator differences? What are they?
– Differences between Fed and Klingon UIs?

– PVP and Territory Control: Can we talk about it?
– PVE Elements Added to PVP???
– The 2 things needed to have a successful PVP game.
– There’s only one thing more important than territory control: finishing Klingons! QAPLA’!

– Should the Foundry be able to make PVP maps?
– The Foundry Civil War: What did Cryptic intend for Foundry Authors to make? Whose side is the right side?
– Why were the Fleet Marks removed from the Foundry exactly? Geko reveals the cause, and it’s a cause with a capital C. C for Clickie.
– The Five Star Rating System – Is it good or bad? What would replace it?
– Hav reveals that if you hate the character stances, it’s probably his fault. Although he digs them, personally.
– What’s the greatest improvement to Star Trek Online in the past 2 years?
– What kind of content is coming for STO next?
– STO is so much on the rise that the press digs it and Al is famous again! MMOs don’t grow, but STO is growing.

User Submitted Questions
– Doff System Crafted Items: should they get additional functionality to make them desirable again?
– Power and Shield Drain Damage in the combat log?
– Could we ever swap stats to different ships?
– Will we get to see Rademaker’s Merian Class?  https://twitter.com/Tobar26th/status/306856803344449538/photo/1  http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-CjnNWIfkwZQ/ThHtGDdhZCI/AAAAAAAACfY/D4BDUYYvq14/s1600/variant.jpg
– Can we fix the Defiant’s name lighting please?
– Can Department Heads from DOFF be tied into the Foundry?
– Beam Boats drain too much power. Can they be fixed?
– I’m a carrier captain. How are science ships supposed to kick butt?
– Territory Control ideazzz?
– Should the Gateway be able to plan a skill tree?
– Will we ever get the ability for our ship to be taken over by an AI?
– How do you analyze your performance if you’re a noob?

What did you think about the interview? Do you like the Romulan Bird-of-Prey from the Enterprise Era that’s in the game, or would you like to see a new one? What kind of ships would you like to see added to the game, and what powers would they have? Email us your thoughts to mailbag@podcastugc.com ! We REALLY want to hear them!

13 comments on “Podcast UGC – Episode 102: The Return of Captain Geko

  1. Podcast UGC 102

    Like the idea of giving sci ships a second scanner slot to boost them a bit..but they’re a little scary in the hands of some one that knows what thier doing.

    KDF player holding breath on the future of the KDF..we may be only 18% ( a bit more then that now I should hope) but we’ve been waiting a looooong time. Very difficult to be patient after this long.

    Like to see more dance emote vanity type items in the GPL store.. been waiting for them a long time. Bring ’em1


    • I am a KDF player myself. I am in charge of our KDF side of the fleet. I know the May update is giving KDF some love. i want to see a 3 pack of bird of prey so I could be a science or engineer and still have some DPS I could do in one. I am waiting on some good ships for my KDF Engineer.

  2. good show , thank you lead cheesta .

    i really get upset of all the 18% play klingon EXCUSE thats because there is no content for them . not just rehashed feddie missions . even the bull on new rom why would a klingon warrior tag epohs? they would hunt them and EAT THEM .not tag them . . most of those missions dont fit the klingon attitude . hunt the hirogen yes help them gather samples no .
    you want more players playing there klingon toons longer make them a more solid content .

    looking forward for something to really spend my GPL on. i love to play dabo but have really slowed down a notch due to there really be nothing to really get with it

    again thats my rant , but good show . thanks again

    • For a 4 hour interview at CD quality, 211 MB is freakin fantastic. It’s a great podcast, loads of people love it, and you’re only missing out by refusing the download the size of a game patch in STO. 🙂

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  5. Big story focus [16][33]
    At least one new Feature Episode series at launch and maybe even more than that [2]
    New Romulus-like adventure zone in the Nimbus System [34]
    Khitomer will be a featured location

    “March Beneath the Raptor’s Wings”
    “Our Shadow Will Dim the Stars”
    “Some Will Fall”

    my guess is this will happen on khitomer and will poss. show what happened there and how sela became who she is today ……….

  6. Great show lots of good answers and lots of mis-direction from al about eh upcoming changes to klingons and romulans.

    The problem I foresee that the hype has to follow the trend and now they have released a trailer marching under the raptor’s wings people want and expect a romulan faction.

    My fear is that we get a half arsed tact on romulan faction split between the feds and the klingons which would end the game for me really it would, because the romulans deserve more and to not give them a fully fledged faction slot would be bad

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  9. The talk about having PvE mixed in with PvP with regards to territory control is cool and all. I’m really more concerned with what the implementation will be on the map since we are living in instance hell. A few things do need to happen before getting there though. Ship balancing for C-Store ships being one of those things that Al kinda mentions.

    The impression I get is that they’re going to make a “War Effort” Reputation System, which will be their PvP Reputation.

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